Tribute 164

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Tribute 164
  • Reverse sidecut
  • Low profile, rocker nose, flat center, traditional flip tail.
  • Fastest board in powder. Period.
  • Available as a splitboard
  • Price: $575.00
  • Splitboard Price: $899.00 (with Karakoram clips)

You'll be rocking turns when your friends are creeping. This board is designed to get up to speed quickly , and stay afloat in the driest fluff. Turn those flatter slopes into rip-able sections.

Yes....reverse sidecut. Why? Once you start riding in penetrable snow conditions , the principles of hydrodynamics come into play. On a snowboard with sidecut, the deepest penetrating points are at either end of your ride. This just slows you down.

This surf inspired shape puts the engaging point between your feet, allowing for tighter radius turns at higher speeds, and the ability to draw out long turns from the same board. This shape also has far less drag, as the tail section continues to fade inward when compared to a traditional sidecut that flares-out, acting like a brake or anchor. If you know you are in for fresh tracks, & seek the "surfy" sensation, this is the board for you.

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Fawcett Tribute 164 Topsheet


Fawcett Tribute 164 Base


Upcoming Models

Future Series: The Woodies

Surf Nub & Trad-Pow
  • 150 cm board length
  • Ride with or without bindings....or something in between.
  • Long, wide, rocker nose, flat center, traditional flip tail, and lots of taper.
  • Horizontal laminate construction (skate deck style !!).
  • Super quick to bump-up on a plane.
  • No steel edges.

We are planning two models for release in late 2012. Both are Woodies with a traditional maple laminate "skateboard" construction, no steel edges and a waxable, marine grade polyethylene finished base.

Designed primarily as a powder surfers (binding-less) or to be used with 4x4 pattern bindings. These boards SLAY the flats. You'll be rocking turns when your friends are skooching and wallowing around in the powder. The long , shallow nose enables them to get up to speed much faster than classic freestyle decks, and stay afloat in the driest fluff. Split versions available shortly after the release of the originals.